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Save On A/C Electricity Costs 

Increasing Revpar by revolutionizing Resort Sustainability: Japan's Innovative Energy Solution distributed in 22 Countries.


Thomas Gal, French, international sustainability tools developer, invite all hotels to implement energy saving strategies by adopting the Japanese patented solution that save 25% on air conditioning electricity costs which represents ~55% of the total energy cost in Hotels. Just ask your Chief Engineer....

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The patented Japanese technology CONTINEWM®, available in 22 countries (USA, EUROPE, ASIA) offers an additional 25% energy saving for air conditioning, heating, and air purification systems.


CONTINEWM® optimizes the efficiency of heat exchangers by eliminating the electrostatic 

charge of the airflow and through the FIR (Far Infrared Radiation) emission produced by the 

patented material embedded in the supporting resin.


This process optimizes the contact 

area between air and heat exchangers, thereby reducing electrical consumption in reaching and maintaining the set temperature.


CONTINEWM® emits negative ions, purifying the air, eliminating unpleasant odors (including Durian, all biological odors, smoke), and thereby making the purchase of additional electric ionization devices unnecessary.


It also precipitates PM 2.5 levels obtaining a 60% reduction of those pollutants.


Prof.Ryuji Sakai, patent owner and sole producer of this Japanese technology 

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CONTINEWM® does not require modifications to the air conditioner, nor does it need power or maintenance. It easily adapts to all HVAC units and can be transferred from one machine to another if you decide to upgrade your units.

Revolutionizing Resort Sustainability: Japan's Innovative Energy Saving and Air Purification

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Save 25% on electricity costs, as ITC Hotel Group (India). AMAZON e-commerce, Coca Cola, does already for years. 

Full list of testimonials on

  • CONTINEWM® features an ROI from 1 to 3 years

  • Comes with a 20 years warranty 

  • It can be applied to any existing AC systems 

  • No maintenance required: a great relief on the workload of hotel engineers 

  • CONTINEWM® saves “on top” of what an energy efficient system already does, then you save 25% on top of what you already save with your existing equipment 

  • CONTINEWM® can be transferred to a new AC unit when you replace the old AC


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