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At Samui.Green we are committed to promoting sustainability on the island through our various initiatives and services. 


We believe that by offering real actions and community services, we can contribute to a more sustainable future for this special island that the world has learned to love.


By promoting eco-friendly practices and responsible tourism, we aim to minimize the negative impact of tourism and increased development and commercialization of the island.

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Back of the House

dedicated to hoteliers


Keep selling the dream

Whether we are hoteliers or travellers paying a brief visit to a stunning tourist destination, it is important that we are aware of the impact that our lives and work have on the fragile environment of an island such as Samui.  Its resources are limited and with a continuous increase in the population through tourism and commercial development, they are becoming stretched to the limit. 


So how to keep selling the dream of an unspoiled paradise? 


We already see the issues caused by pollution by so many factors, from road and sea traffic, to waste disposal and construction. By identifying the problems and seeking ways to address them, we are not only creating a better environment for ourselves but laying the groundwork to sustain Samui's natural beauty and attractions for future generations to enjoy too.  

Browse all pages of this website, to learn how to control and save running costs while at the same time making a minimal impact on the local environment.


we need our colleagues,

our colleagues needs us

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Which new sustainable practice your hotel has implemented in 2023 (if any) and what are you going to implement in 2024?

Please share your experience with your colleagues hoteliers/SKAL members/travel agents.

Here we go!

The Koh Samui archipelago is not just a precious natural beauty, it is also the tourist destination where we live and work.  Each year, the hospitality business brings in several million tourists and as such the industry is facing some challenges in environmental conservation and running costs. It is, therefore, trying to find a balance between increasing profits while conserving the very special environment which continues to attract visitors from all over the world. Click onto this video to see for yourself, the immense natural beauty of this magical island and its neighbours. 

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