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Community Projects

Green and proactive: the peaceful army of volunteers of our island make the difference between a picturesque destination and one overwhelmed by trash. This page highlights

the most significant and remarkable efforts by numerous residents of all ages who dedicate

their free time to community projects for the

benefit of all residents and travelers.

Their work aims to enhance the quality of life

for everyone and bolster the reputation of Koh Samui as a whole.

If you notice that your nonprofit group is not featured on these web pages, please send us information about your green activities,

including text and photos. Thank you!

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They work for us

Trash Hero Samui's mission is to foster sustainable, community-driven projects that not only clear existing waste but also minimize future debris through encouraging lasting changes in behavior.

Weekly Clean-Up

Addressing the global waste problem is intricate, yet the solution to the trash scattered along our beaches and communities is straightforward: collect it and dispose of it properly.

The Concept
Trash Hero Samui, bolstered by the support of local enterprises, unites people weekly to clean up litter. This effort is a synergy of donated supplies and volunteer labor resulting in a cleaner environment.

When and Where

The specific time and location are determined weekly by the local Trash Hero Chapter.

Cost and Registration

Joining Trash Hero Samui is completely free, with no need for volunteers to sign up in advance.

Just arrive at the set location and time.

Contributing local businesses provide gloves, trash bags, refreshments, and transportation as required.

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We Honor Our Heroes!

Trash heroes.png
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As our Brent Jones has kindly informed us, please refer to the following links to get updated information:



Facebook Events Page: For location information provided before each



We clean every Sunday at 4pm. 


Gloves and bags are provided!

Projects Launcher Area

The Brick Project
Funny slogan: "I want to brick free!", tribute to Freddy Mercury, The Queen.

What can we do with the massive amount of this free raw material (plastic)

coming for free on our shores? 

plastic fence.png

Contact us and propose your project

We are always looking for new and exciting projects for Samui. Let's connect.

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