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hotel farming

hotel veggies, in-house produced

From Island to Island

Tourist destinations, particularly small islands, face unique challenges in providing essential resources such as food, water, and electricity. These challenges are exacerbated by the environmental and economic costs associated with importing fresh fruits and vegetables from distant locations. The refrigeration and transportation processes not only increase the carbon footprint but also the final cost of these products to consumers.

The Problem with Traditional Supply Chains

Islands like Singapore and Koh Samui, renowned for their bustling tourist activities and thousands of hotels, are at the forefront of addressing these issues. Traditional methods of supplying fresh produce—by truck or plane—prove to be highly unsustainable. The carbon footprint associated with transporting a kilo of lettuce, for example, is significantly high due to the amount of gasoline burned in the process. This, coupled with the increased demand for electricity and water due to a booming tourist and hotel worker population, paints a concerning picture of sustainability on these islands.


Solutions: Hydroponics & Aquaponics

In response to these challenges, some islands are turning to innovative agricultural technologies. Singapore has been a pioneer in adopting smart hydroponic farms located within hotel premises, often on rooftops. This method allows for the local production of vegetables, drastically reducing the need for transportation and refrigeration, thereby lowering the carbon footprint and cost.

Brice Degeyter, sustainability expert and TED X speaker invite Koh Samui hotels to implement smart growing technologies that maximize the production of vegetables in Resort's limited areas designated to farming.

Did you know that Fairmont Singapore, one of the pioneers of aquaponic in the hospitality business and mentioned in the article below, has been equipped with a system provided by a Thai company with French specialists located in Pattaya?

Please click the link below and visit their site.


Sustainable Solutions & Food Supply

on a crowded Tourist Island

Screen Shot 2567-02-09 at 09.14.09.png

In house farming has been successfully pioneered on Samui by Six Senses Resort as the Hotel GM reports.

"Six Senses Samui has always been at the forefront of sustainability, carefully considering the effects that operating systems, materials and purchasing policies have on the environment. We communicate our efforts directly to our local community during clean ups or educational events and invite local schools and people from the industry to our Farm on the Hill, to learn about sustainability and experience waste reduction, circularity, and the use of natural versus chemical pesticides firsthand". 

Marieke Dijkhuis, General Manager Six Senses Samui

Screen Shot 2567-02-09 at 09.16_edited.j

Six Senses Resort, Koh Samui. An example to follow.

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