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World Wide Writers

...from islands all over the world helps with sustainability topics. 

Our contributors to comes from all continents! Their experience on how the hospitality business manage in the respective countries green issues constitute a priceless resource for applying those strategies also on Samui.

Their articles will fill up this website by May 2024.



So many colleagues expert on Islands sustainability topics are contributing to our website from Maldives, India, Singapore, Europe, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam and, of course, Koh Samui.


Morgan Largouet is professional in sustainable economy with enterprises in Vietnam (Woodman Co.,Ltd., sustainably planted raw wood), Thailand (CONTINEWM® ASIA, energy saving) and the US.

His article on sustainable wood decking for resorts

will be published here on April 2024.

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Singapore and Samui doesn't share just an "s".

Let's have a talk... "from Island to Island"


Brice Degeyter,

Screen Shot 2567-01-24 at 14.21.28.png

Brice Degeyter, Belgian journalist and founder of Singaporean enterprise BIZSU Pte.Ltd., the main supplier in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan of ecologic AC designs has been invited to be a TED X speaker on talks on Sustainability Subjects in which Brice is specialised. Brice is also presenting high level sustainable farming with ecologic clay sheets branded Agrifiber Active by CM Japan. The increase of productivity of Hotel farms can be multiplied by his applied techniques. is also the supplier for Air Conditioning energy saving for MARINA BAY SANDS RESORT, CAPITALAND Group, and various institutions in Singapore. 

Contributions to circular economy, relevant energy saving and crops biological enhanced growing solutions for Singapore market can be explored on

Our correspondents support hospitality economy throughout cost saving strategies.


Thomas Gal,


CEO of TEET Co.,Ltd. Thomas is our sustainability consultant for hospitality, with clients in 22 countries including USA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE.

InfoLink is here.


Matsuhashi Chihiro


Producer of air purifying systems adopted also by AMAZON e-com and COCA COLA, Matsuashi San is a Samui-lover.

InfoLink is here.

Jorge Koch,


Eclectic business men born in Switzerland with green enterprises in Ecuador, Jorge has a long experience in working in green techs in Thailand. 

InfoLink is here

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Jennie Pram,


Founder of Easy Nets LLC, with more then 10 years of experience on the specific solution for HVAC, supplies ES green solutions 

all over the US .

InfoLink is here.


Hubert Trevisan


Developer for Spain of the energy saving systems for heating and cooling that has achieved worldwide notoriety. 

InfoLink is here.


Attilio Montanari


Developer for Italy of CONTINEWM® tech for energy saving and air purification, Attilio Montanari is a highly proactive professional cooperating with Beam Italia.

InfoLink is here


Jatin Paul Singh 


Co-founder of N.E.T.S. (National Enviro Tech Solutions) providing energy saving solutions currently implemented in ITC Hotel Group, Luxury Collection, Marriott.

InfoLink is here.

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Simon Millard


Renowned business men of huge architectural projects in Saigon, Simon is into green technologies for more the 20 years.

InfoLink is here.

Ludovic Depoid 


Highly skilled professional in the field of hi techs for smart living, Ludovic has a huge, differentiated portfolio of innovative solutions.

InfoLink is here


Anil Thaman 


Co-founder of N.E.T.S. and of an highly successful marketing company, Anil supply highly renowned companies in both nations.

InfoLink is here.

Screen Shot 2567-01-21 at 10.47.06.jpeg

Karen Abanes


Marketing manager of Tektos Ltd. of cost control applications, Karen is also the contact for the HK, Macau  market ogf hi-tech products.

InfoLink is here.

NP English BEAM  1 CONTINEWM®Nets FLAT 100%.jpg

Anne Wright,


Developer of cost control applications, Anne is the contact for the Canadian market 

of CTM sustainable technologies.

InfoLink is here.

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Morgan Largouet


Working also in USA and THAILAND, 

Morgan has brought also to MALDIVES the hassle free energy saver that resorts was waiting for.

InfoLink is here


Emmanuel Chiron


With a long experience

on sustainable tourism highly skilled professional Emmanuel knows how to realize memorable guest experiences in a natural environment. 

InfoLink is here

Elia Bertoldi 


Market developer of CONTINEWM® tech for energy saving and air purification, Elia is the leader of Beam Italia.

InfoLink is here

Writers from Samui

...from all over the Kingdom and most specifically

from Islands & hot destinations.

Laddawan Ribiere.png
Laddawan Ribiere
Unknown .png

Khun Laddawan Ribiere, DeeDee for friends,  is a Thai national sustainability technologies promoter. Her remarkable commitment in exploring and consulting new solutions produced or distributed in the Kingdom, makes of her a great added value on everyone's

mission for our island path to maximum sustainability.

C IMG_4308.jpg

Claudio Cerquetti, writer


Claudio Cerquetti, resident in Thailand since 2001 and active SKAL Samui member since 2004, is a licensed Journalist from the Chamber of Commerce of Rome (ordine dei Giornalisti tess. 41864) since 1992 and sustainability technologies developer working mainly in Japan and SE Asia.

His company distribute in Europe, Asia and USA , Energy saving technologies sustainably produced in Japan with main clients as: ITC Group India, Amazon e-commerce (Australia, USA, Japan), Coca Cola Japan, plus a hundred of highly renowned brands committed in circular economy and Net Zero targets achievements in 22 nations, including Thailand.

As Sustainability & Environment Director of SKAL Koh Samui, Claudio guides the club with an eco-conscious mindset, steering the hospitality industry towards energy economy and sustainability. His role extends to a heartfelt commitment to showcasing Koh Samui in its most environmentally friendly light to global travellers. 

Claudio's essence is that of an ecologist, sustained by a lifelong WWF membership since 1976.

When not pushing the boundaries of sustainability, he indulges in the thrills of freediving, sailing, mountain biking and hiking. 

With a foundation in engineering and photography, his creative soul has embellished the world of corporate imagery, while his photo-journalistic prowess has seen the conception of 26 published books in Japan, Italy, Thailand. 

From SKAL Koh Samui committee, Lynn and Barbara are our top writers. contributors, the ones live in Koh Samui and in Thailand for most part of the year are particularly sensitive to environmental issues and well knows problems and solutions to be implemented.


Lynn Grebstad, writer.


An experienced luxury lifestyle PR professional with over 25 years experience in Asia.
Lynn is one of the founding partners of GHC Asia, the region's leading luxury lifestyle & hospitality PR consultancies. Our growing team of 70+ are located throughout Asia in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore and Bangkok.

Since September 2014, GHC is now part of the Hakuhodo Group, which is Japan's second-largest advertising agency and the seventh biggest in the world.
Together we provide holistic marketing and communications solutions for some of the world's leading brands in the fields of hotels, hospitality, tourism, property and luxury lifestyle.

Lynn's heart beats for more than just her career; it cherishes an entrepreneurial spirit she shares with her husband.


Together, they cast dreams into tangible experiences with the allure of their luxury private villa suralai' and the spirited sailing catamaran 'Odyssey', each an odyssey in their own right, with Lynn at the helm of marketing.

Barbara Woinke, writer.


Barbara Woinke stands as a cosmopolitan spirit and Co-Director for Public Relations at SKAL Koh Samui to globally promote Koh Samui.


Specializing in identifying unique travel stories, Barbara connects journalists and bloggers with the island's essence, coordinating press trips to highlight its allure. Beyond her PR role, she's recognized as a travel and lifestyle expert, contributing to German publications and shaping cultural discussions for entities like the Goethe-Institut.


Barbara's expertise also shines in freelance PR and marketing, particularly in health and wellness, where her strategic communication skills boost brand visibility.


Since moving to Samui in 2019, her focus has expanded to nurturing community spirit, embodying a holistic, heartfelt, and human-centered approach in her work.


Barbara's diverse career and global experiences mirror in her PR efforts, making her an embodiment of SKAL's welcoming spirit to travelers.

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