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The Ideal Sustainable Transport Solution for Islands

In the quest for more sustainable and efficient modes of transportation, electric vehicles (EVs)—including bicycles, motorbikes, and cars—emerge as the superior choice for island environments. Their benefits extend far beyond merely reducing the carbon footprint of their operation, presenting a holistic solution that addresses several environmental concerns unique to island settings.

Electric powered 2 wheels, lead the Way

Particularly noteworthy are electric bicycles and EV motorbikes bikes, which stand out as exceptionally suited for both tourists and residents on islands. Unlike their gasoline-powered counterparts, electric bikes emit no exhaust gases, thus eliminating the air pollution typically associated with vehicles. This absence of exhaust not only preserves the air quality but also spares island inhabitants and visitors from the unpleasant odors and potential health hazards of toxic emissions.

Furthermore, electric 2 wheeled vehicles, along with other EVs, operate without gasoline. This not only reduces dependence on fossil fuels—a crucial factor in sustainability—but also eliminates the need for engine lubricating oil. Traditional vehicles require periodic oil changes, leading to the disposal of used oil, which can end up polluting the island's shores and contaminating the seawater. Electric vehicles sidestep this issue entirely, offering a clean alternative that leaves the island's natural beauty unspoiled.

Advantages of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles offer a myriad of benefits that align with the goals of sustainability and efficiency. They are powered by rechargeable batteries, which can be easily charged at home, hotels, or at strategically placed charging stations in shopping centers and other public areas. This convenience ensures that EVs are a practical option for daily use, tourism, and commerce alike.

Moreover, the use of EVs on islands can significantly reduce the environmental impact of transportation. By cutting down on fossil fuel consumption, electric vehicles help in the fight against climate change. They also contribute to a quieter, more peaceful environment, as EVs generate far less noise than traditional vehicles.

A Sustainable Future

The transition to electric vehicles on islands represents a forward-thinking approach to transportation. It not only addresses the immediate environmental concerns but also sets a precedent for sustainable living and tourism. Islands have the unique opportunity to lead by example, showcasing how communities can thrive by adopting eco-friendly technologies.

In conclusion, electric vehicles offer a comprehensive solution to the challenges of transportation on islands. By embracing EVs, island communities can safeguard their natural environments, enhance the quality of life for everyone and move towards a more sustainable &  efficient future.

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You can recharge your e vehicle

at home or on the go!

Reliable electric scooters (finally!) on Samui

Cocovolt aim to produce sustainable tourism services

that are relevant, exciting, valuable, and convenient by

combining the power of technology and service design

that prioritizes customer experience.

Cocovolt’s first service concept was launched on Koh Samui,

Thailand, in 2024, offering electric scooters for consumers

and businesses. Sustainable service shouldn't be an option,

it should be the standard.

Our commitment is to design services that naturally integrate

eco-friendliness, making sustainable choices the default 

for our users.

Company: Cocovolt Co.,Ltd. by Jani Heinonen & Angelika Meikop



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Pure pedalling 

Where to rent e-bicycles on Samui

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Screen Shot 2567-02-20 at 09.10_edited.p
Screen Shot 2567-02-20 at 09.11_edited.j

Electric bicycles on Samui by Koh Cycles.



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